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As a member of the Oregon Health Plan Care Coordination Program, you and your healthcare needs will be our priority. We’ll help support you in making healthy life changes, as well as, ensuring that you’re receiving the best healthcare services to meet your needs. Our team of healthcare providers, including a Nurse Health Coach, will work with you to achieve these goals. We’ve also made a variety of free health educational materials available to you on this site on our Educational Resources page, to help you take charge of improving your health with knowledge.

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Help − When you need it.

Day or night, ask a nurse:

  • Why is my baby hot?
  • Should my child stay home from school?
  • I forgot to take a pill, should I take two?

If you are sick, hurt, or want to talk to a nurse:

  • Vomiting, cramps or other pains
  • Flu, fever and colds
  • Scrapes, cuts and burns
  • Understanding what a doctor told you

Or help you decide when to:

  • Care for yourself at home
  • Call a doctor
  • Call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room

Call 9-1-1 when you think the situation might be life or limb threatening.